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Window tinting Window tinting Window tinting
  • UV tinting

  • Prevents fading

  • Protects passengers from UV rays

Let's be honest. Tinted windows look pretty cool on just about any vehicle. However, they do serve a very valuable service to you and the life of your car's interior.


Even in the brightest, direct sunlight, properly tinted windows can protect your car's interior from fading and other damages caused by the sun's UV rays. Don't let your upholstery fade; tint your windows today!

Did you know that bubbles and bumps in your tint can be considered an obstruction of your field of vision while driving?


Don't settle for bubbles. Call us today!

When you rely on our team to install your tinted windows, you can trust that you'll get a professional, quality job done on time, every time.


At The Shop of Arlington Tire Pros, we hire the most qualified candidates to work on your vehicle.

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Window tinting isn't just about a great look

Don't waste your time with do-it-yourself tinting kits. Leave the job to the experts!

Trust in our over 20 years of experience and dedication in serving the community.


Keeping you safe from the sun

Expert tinting keeps you legal

Get the luxury look